Announcing the Battles Contest

If there’s one thing LEGO Castle fans can do really, really well, it’s put together an amazing battle scene.

So it’s no surprise that one of the contests held each year on is the Battles Contest. Hosted by our very own Josh, the contest challenges Castle builders to throw everything they have into a medieval battle scene, and Josh is putting up some pretty sweet prizes for the winners:

You’re seeing that right — classic 80’s Castle sets in their original boxes (donated by a very generous benefactor)!

We’ve already featured Anthony Sava’s Breath of the Dragon, but here’s another great entry, by Zach:

See more entries in the thread on Can’t wait for more!

5 comments on “Announcing the Battles Contest

  1. wusmand

    ha, i didn’t know that the new goblin mobile tower vs. the knight tower was a remake( then again i dont do research into that kinda stuff).

  2. RichardAM

    I’m working on my entries at the moment, so far they’re going pretty well- I just need to stop for a few days while I wait for my Bricklink order to arrive. :(

  3. Josh

    Nope, biggest doesn’t equal winner. Best action = winner. And by best action, I mean whoever can make it look like those little plastic guys are really duking it out.

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