7048 Troll Warship review by Doctor Sinister [Review]

Andrew “Doctor Sinister” Summersgill has posted a photo review of 7048 Troll Warship on Flickr and Eurobricks.

7048 Troll Warship is one of the forthcoming 2008 Castle sets, which are starting to show up here and there. As always, here’s a separate shot of the minifigs:

It looks like the new goblin helmets we saw in early prototypes of 7036 Dwarves’ Mine are finally making it into sets, along with new goblin armor.

7 comments on “7048 Troll Warship review by Doctor Sinister [Review]

  1. Rocko

    I love the new Lego goblins but those new helmets are kinda lame. I’m swapping them out when I get a few new ones.

  2. DekoPuma

    I like the new cell door, though the whole jail looks a bit small. I hope that this set sells wildly and Lego decides to release some new pirates (or even some old ones).
    Of course, Lego will have to have this set on sell for more than two weeks for that to happen, unlike with the Dwarves’ Mine.

  3. KP

    I will buy that its so cool… is the new troll armour cool? just 40 euros more… :P

  4. lego-dork(no-offense):)

    iI just got $100 for my b-day so i was really confused till i found this its so cool.

    9 minifigures(wow)
    the knight looks super cool
    theres a troll!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the new shields look awsome too

    exspensive($6 less i couldve bought a 2nd lego set)
    the mini boats dont have paddles
    the dragons kinda babyish(unlike the viking dragons)

    over all it is an awsome set 4/5

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