LEGO Collector Catalog to be published summer 2008 [News]

LEGO Community Development Manager Jan Beyer announces that a LEGO Collector catalog will be released this summer featuring almost all the LEGO sets produced since 1958. This looks like a great item for collectors or just fans who are interested in seeing the wonderful products from LEGO throughout the years.

It is the 50th anniversary of the LEGO Brick and just in time Fantasia Verlag GmbH will publish the LEGO® Collector. This unique guide comprises around 800 pages presenting nearly all sets produced by the LEGO Group since 1958, whether released in Europe, the USA, Asia or Australia. It is the first reference book of its kind in the LEGO history which will list all LEGO sets in chronological order. This bilingual (English/German) Collector is for the fan and collector alike. It is a high quality product full of details. Besides around 8.000 colour photographs of LEGO sets it presents additional information which even includes the number of components the sets are made of.

The LEGO® Collector is a unique gathering of details concerning LEGO sets which makes it a must have for anybody interested in the Danish “toy of the century”. Fantasia Verlag which is based in Dreieich, a small town just outside Frankfurt, is a well established publisher of all kinds of catalogues dealing with collectors` items. The wide range of catalogues includes several issues of the market leading “Spielzeug aus dem Ei” which contains Kinder Surprise toys and accessories. Additionally the Fantasia Verlag produces catalogues focusing on Trading Card Games such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering as well as reference books for Swatch and Star Wars collectables to name a few.

Fantasia Verlag GmbH, ISBN: 978-3-935976-52-7, 22,90 € (Germany)

50 years of play, fun and joy – around 8.000 LEGO® sets in one book
Key data LEGO® Collector:
· Expected date of publication: May 2008
· Around 800 pages
· Bilingual: English / German
· Around 8.000 sets printed in colour
· One chapter for every year: 1958 – 2008
· Additional information: number of components; available from/until
· Rating (1-6 LEGO® Bricks) to establish the rareness of sets
· Extra: Chapter with key rings
· Extra: List of all published Service-Sets
· Index to quickly fi nd the desired sets
· MSRP 22,90€ (Germany); the price may vary in other EU countries due to different tax regulations

Via Eurobricks

Update (AB): BB Gadgets has a first look at the cover and one of the pages. Head on over to check out the full-size pictures:

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    Or to watch the done fall of LEGO after 1996 and the rise of juniorization. Then the rise of a new LEGO. :)

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