The 1/36-scale air superiority of Ralph Savelsberg

Ralph Savelsberg (Flickr) builds things with wings and things with wheels. In an increasingly studless LEGO world (no pun intended), Ralph unashamedly shows his studs in his incredibly realistic vehicles. From a B-1B Lancer and Su-27 Flanker to an E-2C Hawkeye and F-15E Eagle, the level of detail is amazing. The camouflage on the Soviet Su-27 is particularly striking.34th BS 'Thunderbirds' B-1B Lancer
Su-27 Flanker updated (1)

E-2C Hawkeye of VAW-124 Bear Aces

F-15E Strike Eagle (4)

I’d bookmarked Ralph Savelsberg‘s amazing photoset of military aircraft on Flickr to blog later, but we have a bit of a backlog right now, so Ed Diment‘s reminder was very much appreciated.

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