LAML Radio lets me ramble on even further

The second part of my conversation with James Wadsworth is up on

In this episode, James and I chat about some of the current trends in the LEGO “blogosphere,” including the blogs I can’t live without (including VignetteBricks, MicroBricks, How Many Studs to LEGOLAND, Klocki Lego dla dorosÅ‚ych, and Young Spacers Association Blog) and this past month’s seeming explosion of LEGO-related posts on non-LEGO blogs (including personal faves Boing Boing Gadgets, Gizmodo, and Neatorama).

Check it out on, and be sure to subscribe via iTunes, Zune Marketplace, or whatever floats your boat. Brick on!

4 comments on “LAML Radio lets me ramble on even further

  1. hippotam

    Very interesting podcast, ecpecially about the technical aspect of blogging that you avoided to talk about :-).
    BTW, klocki are pronouced like klotzki or klotski…

  2. Dunechaser Post author

    Thanks Hippotam! Yeah, I rambled…

    Incidentally, I got Steven Walker‘s name wrong in the previous podcast. Although I’d certainly like to meet you in real life, Steven Marshall, I don’t think you were at our local SEALUG meeting last Saturday. :-D

    (I’m terrible with names.)

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