Ultimate LEGO Castle Chess Set [News]

UPDATE: The LEGO Castle Giant Chess Set
icon will be available for pre-order from the LEGO Shop on July 1. No release date has been announced yet.

Some people know where to look for leaked pictures of upcoming sets, and many times great treasures are dug up in lego.com’s cache (the specific procedures are still a mystery to me, but I think it involves manipulating image url’s). Check out the upcoming castle chess set, complete with just about everything and probably including a big price tag too.



23 comments on “Ultimate LEGO Castle Chess Set [News]

  1. Carter

    The number of details in that is tremendous. Castle is really hitting their stride- can’t wait until Space does likewise.

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  3. David

    In order to find the pictures you just pick random numbers in a URL until you find something.

    It’s for people who need to get a life. :)

  4. thwaak

    Can the figs in Lego chess sets be taken apart, or are they like the keychains?

    ‘Cause that’s a lot of dwarves I gotta’ have.

  5. John k

    holy crap………………………AWESOME!
    Even so, I thinK that lego should make chess sets of different themes (ex. star wars )

  6. David

    I’m very shocked they haven’t made a Star Wars set yet, maybe they are waiting until next year for that.

  7. Tony Sava

    Don’t forget, Star Wars is a license. LEGO can’t do minifig packs because that infringes on the Hasbro License. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone already had a Star Wars chess license.

  8. Dace

    Uh-oh, Lego has removed the pictures of this, and the battle packs… They must have found out we were peaking before Christmas, so to speak.
    Good thing we have good-ole Brickshelf.

  9. Remyth

    This thing is soo amazing. Mind-blowing. This is just the most amazing Castle set I have seen in quite a while.

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  11. Dace

    On the subject of finding these pictures, I believe set names and/or numbers are usually leaked before the pictures, and someone enters the numbers each day to see if they’re there yet. When the jackpot is hit, word gets out, and we have what we have here.

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  13. Galips

    Actually, Brickshelf is mostly a directory of FAN creations, not related to the Lego company. So there is low chance this chessboard to be an official lego set

  14. Dale Klein

    If someone made this a moc then they had to moc the box as well! I have all of the lego chess sets and that is not a box from any of them! Holy crap I think it is real! Can’t breathe…

  15. Mason Lindblad

    …dot dot dot… I don’t care how much this set costs i must have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has virtualy every Castle LEGO figure that has been or will be released. Every Pawn is different and the decorations and weapons and shields and flags and figures and stands and walls and pieces and horses and ahhhh!!! This wil probably range from $100 to $200 depending on how many pieces. I may have to scratch some htings off of my wish list in order to make room for this. A great army builder. i personally like chess but i prefer to build a medeival army over that!!!

  16. Andrew

    This post has become the consistent target of spammers for some reason, and since it’s an old post anyway, I’m closing the comments.

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