LEGO Castle battle packs in 2008 [News]

LEGO is catching on to the success of battle packs and are in turn making castle fans happy as well. Check out the upcoming castle army boosters:

UPDATE: Both the Knights Battle Pack and the Skeletons Battle Pack are now available from the LEGO Shop.

14 comments on “LEGO Castle battle packs in 2008 [News]

  1. curtis

    Now maybe they’ll give us a legitimate star wars battle pack. these packs rock, if only I were still into castle sets.

  2. David

    Once again LEGO can NOT release Star Wars minifigures, they will be sued AGAIN. This is why they have those stupid little ships with 4 minifigures, to get would legal crap.

    And these are supposedly 12 Euros, that’s insane. Just by the $6 set and the $8 set and you are better off.

  3. curtis

    Once again? That explains nothing to me, you speak as if I’ve already gone through this with you already, you must be mistaking me with someone else David. Or assume that because you’ve explained it to someone else, I should know too. Star Wars can’t sell Lego mini figures separately? Because they’ll get sued? Honestly that makes no since. Lego has the rights to the figures, Star Wars gave them to ’em.

  4. Dunechaser

    David: You’re right, but as curtis says, don’t assume everybody already knows that.

    curtis: Unfortunately, David is correct. Lucasfilm has given the exclusive rights for action figures to Hasbro. Now, we could all argue that minifig-only LEGO sets aren’t action figures, but that’s apparently not how Lucasfilm and Hasbro saw it when those were released a few years ago.

  5. David

    I just assumed that everyone knew about the lame lawsuit that Hasbro filed against LEGO.

    And I don’t think it’s Lucas Films fault. Hasbro sued saying that the LEGO minifigure is an action figure after LEGO released those minifigure three packs. LEGO said “Are you crazy?” but lost and now we have the lame little ships to get around the law.

  6. Jai

    Not my “dream” battle pack of Crown soldiers (Both versions of the “knight” helmets instead of two of the wide-brimmed “archer” ones?), but the skeleton pack looks just about rock solid.

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