World War II LEGO pinups by Charlie Co.

Charlie Co. (aka Tim) continues to post great World War II creations, including a trio of adorable pinups sure to give comfort to little plastic Allies.

6 comments on “World War II LEGO pinups by Charlie Co.

  1. Preda

    Wow,this is awesome.And nice techniques by the way xD
    No,just kidding,what a great use of the minifig’s leg.Seriously,those are great.Sure that this would increase the moral ;)

  2. Athos

    I’d like to see the original posters, as I’m not quite sure I fully grasp the one with the girl in the hat.

  3. Charlie Co.

    Sorry guys, I didn’t know this was blogged before I made the pictures private! I’ve made them public again, hopefully they’ll show now.

    Thanks so much for the comments. Athos – I unfotunately cannot find the original inspiration for the pictures, but I can tell you that the one with the hat was based off of a pin up who wore nothing but a Class A jacket, an Enlisted Man’s hat and carrying a weapon.

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