LEGO Castle Advent Calendar 2008 pictures leaked [News]

Look what’s due next holiday season, a castle advent calendar! A scan of the figs should take any castle lover to happyland… and now the wait.

25 comments on “LEGO Castle Advent Calendar 2008 pictures leaked [News]

  1. SamuraiMoose

    DO WANT.

    I hope that Jester hat makes it’s way into a regular set, in case I cannot get this in the holidays.

    I wonder what type of little creations it will have with them. Maybe armor stands, throne, sword and stone, mini mine?

  2. David

    Saw this yesterday and it looks AMAZING! And rumour has it it will only be 20 Euros and thats’ the same as this years and that’s $25.

  3. Fred

    exactly a year from now you can get it for 12$

    That’s how much the current one (07) is selling for

  4. wunztwice

    As a Castlier, yes it makes me very much gleeful!!!

    The jester and peasant woman are two figs I’ve wanted since I was a kid.

  5. Dunechaser

    Happy dance indeed, but just a note of caution that:
    a) Anything preliminary that’s leaked may not necessarily see the light of day on store shelves.
    b) Until LEGO confirms that this is for real, we can’t know for sure that this isn’t the world’s most cruel hoax.
    c) Even if it’s real, the final design may look nothing like this. (Remember the viking beards in prototypes, and the new helmets in the earliest 7036 Dwarves’ Mine pictures?)

    All of which could be said about any number of upcoming sets that fans find buried somewhere online…

    I sure do hope this is real, though! :-D

  6. David

    There is a list for sets for several months now that would be released in 2008, Castle Advent is one of them.

    And Fred, this year’s set was also $7.50 on sale on Amazon for a day. However the 2006 set never went on sale. The bad sets go on sale, the good ones do not. 2007 was a bad set so it’s on. 2006 set was great so it’s not on sale.

  7. Ernie


    I always thougt they’d make a jester, ever since the harley Quinn hat came out. Is that… a skeleton snowman?

  8. Bruce

    I just got off the phone with lego in the US and they have stated the item is real, BUT it will only be released in the UK and Europe.

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  10. Dave

    Only in the UK & Europe…..?..Excellent. We Brits can buy them up and sell them on eBay at over inflated prices to Yanks who should have more sense….:-)

  11. Lukas

    lol. I wanted it so much so they had a contest in lithaunia(thats in europe) build a lego creation and win this!and there were over500 builders and i won it ! can yuo believe it! i won it! and btw is to awesome!hope yuo will be lucky like me and get this too!

    Good luck!

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