9 comments on “Winter Castle

  1. Repoort

    Though I like the concept, I think I find the white cheese very distracting as snow. Perhaps if there were one solid layer of white with the cheese on top; but for now it doesn’t appeal to me. Kinda the same with the studs-out walls of the castle…I think it might look better with tiles.

  2. Maedhros

    Wow, Tania Baixinho strikes again! I never thought I would appreciate studded walls like that, but it really looks good. The white cheese slopes work really well too. And I didn’t even know there were transparent ones, really good work with those too for that pond.

  3. tbaixinho

    Cool, that you liked it ;)
    I’ve being working on this moc since summer, but only when the cold weather came, I could finish it :D

    I dreamed about this mosaic pattern walls and tried to build it, the final result is this moc.
    Very nostalgic and peaceful, like I feel in this time of the year.

    Great LEGO year to you all!

  4. Ty

    Yeah, the ground kinda makes yer eyes go buggy after a while! Oddly enough, out of all the stuff in this MOC I like the leaves! putting the white over the green looks like really convincing snow!

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