Late 2008 LEGO set photos leaked [News]

We are seeing preliminary pictures of late 2008 LEGO sets. I’m fascinated with the LEGO Agents theme, that one took me by surprise. It’ll be fun to see what new minifigs and parts are introduced.

UPDATE: For official photos of late 2008 LEGO sets, check out our more recent coverage of Toy Fair New York 2008.

13 comments on “Late 2008 LEGO set photos leaked [News]

  1. Dunechaser

    Wow. I’m also intrigued by the Agents theme, but I really love the Coast Guard-type ship. And that Batman set looks like a cheaper way to pick up Penguin.

    Eurobricks, I assume? Checking… Yup. Why am I not surprised?

  2. David

    I love the Creator car, lovely.

    I don’t like the Agents thing just because it feels like a rehash of Aqua Team’s later years with Exo-Force and is hugely over sized. But new pieces and purple are always nice. Plus if it fails then sales will be my friend. :}

    I’m glad the sets are preliminary because the Batman sets do need to be fixed up. However I will love to get The Penguin in a cheap set.

  3. wusmand

    I am, as well glad that batman sets and the agents sets are preliminary. Its seems that lego trucks(except ferrari) are way oversized and badly desinged, such as the speed racer set.

  4. Fred

    Tumbler looks all wrong.. rear wheels should be larger. too boxy. I was really hoping that would be a creator level set

  5. Dean H.

    Very very good thing the Batman tumbler is preliminary. Right now it looks like something my little brother would build if he was helping me sort my black bin. I just don’t think studs-up construction will cut it for the tumbler’s design. I hope we get a nice compact brick-built Bat-cycle in some later sets though. But I doubt that’ll happen. At least not the nice or compact parts.

    The Agents line looks like it should be excellent for parts. Look at those cheese-graters on the front of the truck. *drools* The designs, though, are pretty ridiculous looking. From what I can see with the glare on the photo, the truck cab looks like a hovercraft or something.

    The creator car looks excellent (I love the overload of arches, I’d buy it almost just for them), and the ferry looks like a very nice source of 1*n bricks. Not to mention the nice high-angle inverted slopes on the bow.

    The coast guard boat looks quite nice. If that’s preliminary, I can’t wait for the final version! Orange boat hulls should be fun, and it looks like the dock has some nice large panel pieces.

  6. David

    Dean, a lot of the time the final design of a set is worse than the preliminary pictures we get. It happened a lot with Harry Potter and Batman. They take things out or dumb the sets down so that they get the price point they want.

  7. Ty

    Has no one noticed the odd resemblence between “Agents” and Alpha Team? Or is that what David meant by “Aqua Team”? Anyway… I think I won’t be buying, “Agents.”

  8. David

    *breaks from snowblowing…*

    Yeah I meant Alpha Team, but what thinking Aqua Raiders, and I made up a new line.

    Of course there was that Alpha Team sets that took place underwater. :)

  9. Repoort

    I’ll have to agree; “Agents” looks too similar to Alpha Team mixed with a James Bondy kind of feel. Not sure I like it. And I’m hoping the Penguin doesn’t become another Qui-Gon….come up with some new ones, guys…

  10. Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

    Funny I shouldn’t be the only one to notice it; the Batman set is quite like the Tumbler from the movie Batman Begins (the sequel of which, Dark Knight, is set for this summer). The bat symbol was well as the little picture of Batman himself are quite reminiscent of the movie.

    And the Agents theme looks like a rehash of Alpha Team, but still I like the idea so far.

    Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

    P.S. Lately cross-posted Beowulf and 95 Theses MOCs–thanks for posting them!

  11. Sammy

    The City theme I think will open a lot of doors for Lego. No good or bad, no specific characters, and if it’s around for a long time, they’ll be sure to have a ton of sets that utilize great new and old pieces. I’m not a huge fan of the new Creator car though…

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