is One Year Old!

In one form or another, The Brothers Brick may be nearly two and a half years old, but today marks the first anniversary of escaping a cold, soulless existence on Blogger into the warm, embracing arms of our own domain,

Okay, so Blogger wasn’t that bad, but one year on has made a huge difference.

By the numbers:

  • 1,086,362 page views
  • 337,158 visits
  • 131,046 unique visitors
  • 15,062 unique keywords from search engines
  • 26,198 spam comments
  • 2,325 real comments
  • 1,567 unique referring sites

There are readers in 152 countries and regions around the world:

Here are a few of my favorite lists, based on statistics from this past year:

Top Countries Top Keywords Referring Sites
  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. Japan
  5. Netherlands
  6. Australia
  7. Germany
  8. Poland
  9. Spain
  10. Italy
  1. lego blog
  2. lego 7036
  3. indiana jones lego
  4. post-apocalyptic lego
  5. lego universe blog
  6. lego “michael jasper”
  7. new 2007 lego castle set
  8. lego dwarfs mining
  9. lego optimus prime
  10. lego 2008
  1. The old blog on Blogger
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Kotaku
  5. Neatorama
  6. idleworm
  7. Mecha Hub
  9. Klocki Lego dla dorosłych
  10. LUGNET

Since moving to, we’ve made quite a few additions:

What all of this tells me is that is more than just the sum of six contributors and a new domain. The Brothers Brick wouldn’t be the same without all of you who build the great creations we blog, send us links, leave comments, and visit the blog every day.

So, a big “Thank you!” to everyone for helping to make The Brothers Brick (wait for it…) the best LEGO blog on the Blog-o-Tubes! :-D

23 comments on “ is One Year Old!

  1. Nannan

    Excellent anniversary post and summary. It’s quite fascinating to read the statistics and random fun facts, like the 26,198 spam comments and Michael Jasper being a top keyword. It has certainly been enjoyable blogging for TBB. Congratulations on the success of the blog and I look forward to a new year of contributions.

  2. Kowabunga dude

    Sounds great people who like Lego!

    Here are some suggestions for future times.

    –There should be more contests held on brothers-brick for building custom minifigs, mecha themes, and castles themes, and all types of stuff

    –There should be a monthly complaint forum to the Lego ambassadors.
    Some of my complaints are: who was in charge of designing the 2007 Life of Mars Lego? The Lego clear green alien minifigs are pathetic! They look like green candy, nothing really moves on them, why were they not made to be real Lego figures?
    What happened to good space, classic space, a futuristic space or any space that is actually looked awesome?
    –another thing that is very disappointing with Lego in the last two to three years. It seems that Lego does not have as much of a budget to print designs, patterns, symbols on the Lego bricks, bricks modified, tiles, etc… Now they resorting to cheaper quality, stickers for every pattern as a substitute to the painted patterns. The stickers peel after awhile and curl on the edges. What if you want to take pieces apart that are covered over by a sticker, ya what happens….. the sticker gets damaged. Lego company could save money and put some of it back into printing patterns and designs onto pieces by cutting some of it many themes. It has too many of them, and they thin out the budget and compromise quality, (SUCH AS PAINTED BRICKS). For example, Sponge Bob Lego, I think it is a total waste of money and time, all the money that has and will be invested into making the molds, advertisement, boxes, etc … They are not going to make the same amount profits on this as they will on castle, city and Starwars. Lego company should stop trying to be an everything Lego theme for every movie, and cartoon. It should focus on its main stable themes and make them better, with PAINTED BRICKS AGAIN !!! and more advanced construction and details.

  3. hippotam

    Congratulations! It’s already a year? That was fast!

    I must say that from dozens of blogs I got listed at my netvibes dashboard, BB is on the top of the list and the first one I check. Several times a day.

    Thank you for all the hard work you have done and I wish you guys to keep that energy for the following years.

  4. Hojo

    Congrats! Definitely one of the best lego blogs out there.

    What’s next? Global Domination!! Mwahahaha….

  5. Ben Gorman

    This is the best blog for lego on the net. And you guys do a fab job at up keeping it.

    Class act! Keep it going and happy birfday :P

  6. kakam

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Brothers Briiick, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! This is the best blog.

    () /)
    (. .)

    u u

  7. DARKspawn

    Congrats guys & happy biffy =), you got a tight operation running here, I couldn’t imagine my LEGO world without TBB, keep up the outstanding work

  8. Josh

    Wow, has it really been a year already? It seems like I just finished categorizing all the old posts! Yup, a lot has happened this year. My question is who spent the 2,000 bucks? I know it wasn’t me! :-)

    And I’m with you, Nathan. Next year’s goal: Let’s take Africa!

  9. Lego Shark

    Happy B-Day,! I know i haven’t been around… but I have checked the site every single day since I’ve been gone. Just checking in… see you guys around the Blog-o-Tubes!

    PS… Set 375 Castle has arrived from Germany. $230 of pure, yellow, castle, Lego gold. Oh yeah.

  10. zkee

    congratulations, be it a little late …

    i’m curious, that graphical representation, is that total views per country, or total views per capita per country? cos’ there’s quite a difference between those.

    We Belgians have a rather small population (11mio) but that doesn’t necessearly mean we have less AFOL’s in our midst, when considered per capita :)

    anyway, enough nitpicking: on to the next BB year!

  11. A Most Serious AFOL

    Congratulations, dear Bretheren.

    Also, I would like to second everything in kowabunga dude’s post, and salute his bravery in saying the things that some say shouldn’t be said. I trust TBB will handle this with the seriousness it deserves, and will pass it on to the nearest Ambassador.

  12. Dunechaser Post author

    Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! :-) On to the questions…

    Kowabunga & A Most Serious AFOL: Mars Mission designs, the recent lack of printed bricks, and the proliferation of licensed themes are all issues that have been communicated from LEGO fans to The LEGO Company through Ambassadors. Many online communities have areas where members can provide feedback to LEGO and/or Ambassadors, such as “Dear LEGO” on or “The Embassy” on Eurobricks. As the admin and resident Ambassador for The Brothers Brick, I do pass along comments like yours to LEGO.

    Josh: Heh heh, me neither. Of course, of that $2,000, we only get “0-3%”, so we’re not even close to covering our costs yet. ;-)

    zkee: We’ve had about 1,000 unique visitors from Belgium (#16), so you’re certainly not alone! :-D

    Thanks again, everyone! I can’t wait to see what things are like in another year.

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