LAML podcast interviews Rocko

LAML Radio‘s latest podcast is all about the castle builder Rock, who in recent months turned out some outstanding castle-themed dioramas and buildings, including his most recent Chateau Satan. Click on the image below to listen to the podcast.

Since this is an unedited interview there’s bound to be some memorable quotes:

“Well, uh, let’s see… who am I, um, I’m just a guy”

“I like The Brother’s Brick”

“There are some good things popping up on the internet like Nannan’s stuff, you know, his little demented, demented creations and all that. I’m a really big fan of that.” (Sorry, shameless self-promotion :) )

“..wholesome and lovely little pink cuddly, uh, uh [chuckles], lovable little fluffy creations that are just all cute and whatever…”

5 comments on “LAML podcast interviews Rocko

  1. Rocko

    Noooo! I was hoping nobody ever heard this. :lol:

    Kids, this is what happens when you do too many drugs as a teenager.

    I’m the George W. Bush of Lego. :P

    But seriously, I was not at all prepared to do any thinking that night.

  2. Nannan Post author

    You did sound sleepy, but it’s all fun for the rest of us! I was giggling uncontrollably as I rewound and replayed certain sections to jot down the quotes.

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