Feast of Fools

In preparation of go all out for the six categories of the CCCV contest on Classic Castle, Aaron (Darkspawn) reveals his fourth entry, Festus Fatuorum. According to the builder, “Festus Fatuorum (Feast of Fools) was a pre-runner to April Fool’s Day, celebrated during the Vernal Equinox it was mostly celebrated in France & the festival was supressed by the end of the 16th Century.”

5 comments on “Feast of Fools

  1. Rocko

    Festivus! Another great work by one of the best castle builders around. I love the wall design and the groundwork under the bridge.

    With all those colorful flags, it could be a medieval gay pride parade. ;)

  2. DARKspawn

    Funny enough, Rock, after the festival was supressed it’s thought that it evolved into madi-gras & festivale lol

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