Keeping your LEGO clean

Here’s another LAML podcast with Aaron (Darkspawn) and John Langrish on the subject of keeping your LEGO bricks and MOCs all shiny and dustless. Check it out.

3 comments on “Keeping your LEGO clean

  1. John Langrish

    Hehe, yeah, I thought about that dishwasher later last night too! Ironically, after doing it, I sorted out a bunch of pieces leftover from making Nottingbley and was surprised with the amount of gunk in the bottom of the tub!

  2. Kaitimar

    Great podcast.
    I have identical problems, but a different use for my old yellowed and crippled bricks from my childhood: I keep them in a separate bin and use them for interior structures and such, where they are not visible. It saves them from the garbage bin and keeps all the shiny new bits free for “surface duty”.
    On dishwasher: Vorsprung durch Technik! But actually, I have heard from people that washing LEGO in washers at 40°C will clean the bricks nicely. I just can´t seem to bring myself to it. It would feel like putting my son in the washer…

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