Rainbow Minifigs

Inspired by Dave VinZant and Jojo. Not meant to be comprehensive, but it was fun trying to see if I had various minifig parts and accessories in the various colors.

Dark PinkRedDark RedDark OrangeOrangeYellowSand GreenGreenDark GreenSand BlueBlueDark BluePurpleDark PurpleBlackDark Grey ("Old Dark Grey")Dark Bluish Grey ("Dark Bley")Light Grey ("Old Light Grey")Light Bluish Grey ("Light Bley")WhiteBrown ("Old Brown")Reddish Brown ("New Brown")Dark TanTan

Oh, and Mr. Fleshie didn’t fit in the nice grid above. Hmmm…

Light Flesh

5 comments on “Rainbow Minifigs

  1. Sibley

    You seem to have put the wrong link.

    This looks like a fun project fo sho. You’re continuing to make me jealous with all your non-pro parts. ;)

  2. Dunechaser Post author

    Oops, you’re right — I copied the thumbnail images from the Flickr HTML code for the photoset and didn’t notice that the URLs were relative. Off to a Mariners game now (that’s baseball), but I’ll fix them later.

  3. Aaron Bulger

    I’ve tried a similar thing, but I tried to make them uniform. In other words, torsos turned backwards and non-printed heads and accessories.
    I don’t have the pieces to finish it yet, though. :(

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