Workers of the world, unite!

Today is May Day — a day to honor and celebrate workers throughout the world. Piglet observes International Workers’ Day with a trio of laboring minifigs:

Of course, the United States does not observe May Day, since we’re too afraid of communism to celebrate with the rest of the world. Today, our September “Labor Day” holiday has little connection with workers’ rights and the labor movement. Interestingly, May 1 as a significant day for workers originated right here in America. Anyway…

A random socialist minifig of my own, Che Guevarra:

Heh heh… :-D

5 comments on “Workers of the world, unite!

  1. David

    May 1st in my area is considered Gay Day.

    And the last few years it’s been “Illegal workers are people too Bullshit Day”.

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  3. lbaixinho

    I loved the way you create personalized minifigs just with simple LEGO parts. They are easily recognizable, as you did in the case of the Vonnegut’s Pilgrim :)
    Congrats for the both work (minifigs and blog), and thanks for the “vias” :)

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