4 comments on “Agent oo7 wishes us all a Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

  1. Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

    I like that Viking head for Santa. It came that way in the Advent set, but is an obvious use for Santa anyway (one I used before the Advent even came out).

    Love the guns. :-)

  2. oo7

    As a fan of Dunechaser’s Brickshelf gallery, I’d like to thank you for this wonderful honor, Mr. Becraft. I made the pictures around the holidays and put them on Brickshelf. Being a new Flickr user I just recently uploaded them to my account over there. You can check out Claw’s Chopper here.

    Thanks for the compliments guys. ;)

  3. Dunechaser Post author

    I was actually on vacation over the holidays, so I missed these the first time around, I guess. Oh, and welcome to Flickr. :)

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