Schvatts’ Necromancer

I never thought about it, but most necromancer minifigs are male, so it’s nice to see Brickshelfer Schvatts break the mold with this custom minifig of a female manipulator of the undead:

4 comments on “Schvatts’ Necromancer

  1. Formendacil

    It could be a vinyl dye, ala Anthony Sava’s technique. Or it could a resin cast, such as Recluce uses.

    Or, as you say, it could be painted.

  2. Soren

    Now I’m just waiting for one that doesn’t look like a dominatrix/biker/punk/etc. Surely in a reputable profession such as raising and controlling the dead, a little fashion sense is not out of order?

    Although the closest real-world equivalent, middle management on a monday morning, doesn’t seem to have any either. So it may come with the territory.

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