Finally Registered for NWBrickCon

Phew! I finally registered for NWBrickCon, the annual west-coast LEGO convention held here in Seattle. This year it’s at Seattle Center on October 6, 7, and 8. I’m not sure what I’ll be building for the convention, but time is running short, so I better go on it.

For being the “smaller” convention (compared to the recently concluded BrickFest), it sounds like this year’s NWBrickCon will be a great success. Looking at the list of potential attendees (you can register on the site without making a commitment to attend, thus “potential”), I’m seeing many familiar names. Conference registration for all three days is $44.

There are also times when the show floor is open to the public, for a very reasonable $5. (For those of you reading this in Redmond, stop by my office for a coupon that’ll get you in the door for $4.)

I’ve worked in the neighborhood where the conference is held until recently, so I know all the best places to hang out and grab a bite to eat. I’d love to get together with our readers. See you all in October!

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