Double the Bloggers, Double the Trouble!

Heh heh, I think you’d have to be blind and/or illiterate not to have noticed a few recent changes to The Brothers Brick. It’s taken a few days to get everything lined up, and there may be a few more changes in store, but without further ado, I’m pleased to welcome Linus Bohman and Nathan Wells to the Brotherhood of the Brick!

As he says in his own introduction, Linus joins us from Classic-Space Forums and From Bricks to Bothans. In his non-LEGO life (hey, we do have lives outside LEGO; more on that below), Linus is a student in Sweden and blogs his thoughts and photographs at Picturing the World. I’ve featured Linus’ creations here on TBB many times, and look forward to his coverage of all things sci-fi and the world of tomorrow — Space, Star Wars, steampunk, and so on.

Nathan Wells joins us from Classic-Castle Forums, Brickfilms, the wonderful Unique Brique Techniques, and his own blog, Behind the Redwood Curtain. Nathan and I have seen eye-to-eye on what makes a good LEGO creation for quite some time, competing and stealing liberally from each other. I expect Nathan will continue to highlight interesting building techniques on UBT, but I’m also overjoyed to have him taking on a role here, where he’ll be handling all things fantastical and real — Castle, Town, etc. One area of the LEGO world underrepresented here on TBB is LEGO-based animation, so I hope to see lots of brickfilms from Nathan (including his own).

I also hope Josh will be able to begin blogging here on TBB again soon, but real life (such as a new baby) is always the highest priority.

Which makes an appropriate transition to me. One reason I’m recruiting new contributors is that I’ve been neglecting the sort of Japanese-themed creations and overseas events that I had been blogging on Pan-Pacific Bricks. I have quite the backlog of interesting news and creations, but that takes much more time than posting the latest minifigs or mecha (which I’ll continue handling myself here on TBB). Handing off themes like Space and Castle — as much as I love them — will enable me to be a better bridge between English-speaking LEGO fans and our compatriots across the Pacific.

Unfortunately, I’ve also been neglecting my creative writing. Regular readers should know by now that I’m passionate about writing and literature, and a few of you may already know that some of my poetry has been accepted by a major literary journal (I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to let you know when it’s actually been published). As much as it pains me to say so, time spent blogging about LEGO has made it more difficult to take full advantage of that huge break. I need to spend more time writing poetry and to do a better job managing my creative writing career. All of you out there have been very loyal readers, and I thought you deserved to know one of the primary non-LEGO reasons I’m making these changes.

So, enough about the people. Back to the LEGO!

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