Reader Poll: Blog Feeds with RSS and Atom

A quick reader poll, plus semi-useful information unrelated to LEGO.

1) How many of you have subscribed to the two feeds available for this blog?

2) For those of you who subscribe to either the Atom or RSS 2.0 feeds, which one do you use?

3) Finally, do you prefer short descriptions or long descriptions in your feeds?

Okay, that’s it for questions from me.

Some of you might not know much about blog feeds, how they work, and how you can use them. The basic idea is that you “subscribe” to a feed from a Web site (like this blog) and you’re automatically alerted when there’s a new item in the feed (like a blog post). No need to check the site every day! The software you use can be on your computer (like FeedReader for Windows or Safari for Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”) or on the Web (like My Yahoo!, Google home page, or Bloglines).

For those of you who are technically inclined, I highly recommend Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom by Ben Hammersley.

Note: Yes, I have a big backlog of great creations to post. I’ll get to them. ;-)

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