Dunechaser’s Blocklog is now The Brothers Brick!

We’re very pleased to announce that the blog until recently known as “Dunechaser’s Blocklog” is now “The Brothers Brick!” For continuity purposes, the blog’s Web address will remain the same, but I’ve registered a couple variations on the new name and redirected them here.

We evaluated more than 100 entries from 14 readers, but this name stood out because it reflects the team-oriented nature of the blog, leaves open the possibility of adding future bloggers (not to leave girls out, but nearly all of our fellow LEGO fans who we might invite in the future are male), and so on. I personally like the fact that it forms a sentence in which the word “brick” is used as a verb.

Congratulations to Peppermint Pig, who gave us so many great name ideas in this thread over on Classic-Castle Forums that we had a hard time choosing just one! We’re in the process of picking out the best prizes for Pep, so he should expect a little package in the mail from each of us soon.

Also look for an updated header graphic instead of the boring placeholder we have now. Once again, many thanks to all of you who participated in this naming process, and congrats to Peppermint Pig!