Blocklog. Meh.

As I explained back in September, I originally named this blog without giving much thought to the proper nomenclature for LEGO elements, or bricks. “Brickblog” might have been a better choice, and as the vision for this blog has evolved, turning into a bit of a LEGO Boing Boing, “Brick Brick” might have been an even better choice. Unfortunately, since I first started blogging last July, both of those good ideas have been snatched up by other, smarter LEGO bloggers (BrickBlog and Brick Brick).

Now that this blog is no longer just mine, I’ve removed “Dunechaser’s” from the banner, leaving just “Blocklog.” Meh.

So, I’m trying to come up with a new name for the-LEGO-blog-formerly-known-as-Dunechaser’s-Blocklog. What say, you, loyal readers? Post your ideas as comments here, send me an e-mail, or discuss your ideas in this thread over on Classic-Castle Forums. If Josh and I like and use your idea, I’ll send you a prize! You have until next Monday at midnight (PST or GMT-8) (rather, Tuesday morning at midnight), or until Josh and I have enough ideas to pick from.

Okay, go!

Fine print: I haven’t decided on a prize yet. It’ll be LEGO of some sort. You might like it, you might not. Since this is the Internet, I’m afraid I’m going to restrict this to adults. Sorry kids and teenagers. Feel free to vent your frustration at my (and life’s) unfairness. I understand.