Little Plastic Geeks!

Immersed recently in O’Reilly books, I’ve been inspired to build some geek luminaries.

Steve Jobs (with a big first-generation iPod):
Steve Jobs

Larry Wall, creator of Perl:
Larry Wall

Steve Wozniak, Charles Babbage, and Tim Berners-Lee (click for full-size versions):

Steve Wozniak Charles Babbage Tim Berners-Lee

Linus Torvalds (with a Penguin designed by Adam Silcott):
Linus Torvalds

Jeff Bezos (on a Segway):
Jeff Bezos

The full photoset on Flickr.

By the way, why do nearly all geeks — myself included — seem to have brown hair and glasses? I couldn’t make as many geeks as I would have liked because they all started to look like Linus Torvalds, who looks remarkably like my minifig representation up in the header. Oh well…

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