Moko’s Kamen Rider 555 Minifigs

Kamen Rider (“Masked Rider”) is a long-running superhero series on TV in Japan, with many many incarnations. I remember watching the show at friends’ houses in the late 70’s and early 80’s (my missionary parents weren’t especially keen on bug-faced motorcyclists duking it out with hell-spawn).

A recent incarnation is Kamen Rider 555 (「仮面ライダー555」). Moko has recently posted several minifigs based on the series, including the masked rider himself and several of his adversaries, called “Orphnochs:”

For those interested in what an “Orphnoch” is, here’s the show’s synopsis from Anime News Network (even more series info here):

Young biker Takumi Inui trails a girl named Mari Sonoda, whom he suspects has his stolen gym bag. When he encounters Mari, he finds out that the bag she carries is not his and that she possesses some top-secret items developed by the Smart Brain Corporation. He also discovers that she’s being hunted down by Orphnochs – enhanced humanoid beings sent by Smart Brain to recover the items. Takumi reluctantly uses two of the items – a cell phone and a belt – and becomes Kamen Rider Faiz to combat the Orphnoch threat.