HIRO’s Factory

I recently received a link to a Web site called HIRO’s Factory. HIRO has a LEGO page filled with wonderful creations. What’s really cool about HIRO’s LEGO page is that many of the creations tell short little stories — all presented without text.

I’d like to highlight a couple of great creations that reflect uniquely Japanese inspirations.

Here’s a cool little police station:

And a tofu shop:

I’m looking forward to seeing more creations from HIRO in the future!

1 comment on “HIRO’s Factory

  1. Zach the lego man

    Well, this is pretty cool, Im a lego guy myself, but I’ve never had tofu. U have no idea of how hard it is for a lego guy to get on human internet. As u can see i did it. That police station is small, but it is awesome! I wanna see more of yur creations soon. They rock!
    P.S=Don’t tell anyone there was a lego guy on the internet!!!

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