Miyamoto Musashi

Name: Miyamoto Musashi (宮本武蔵 みやもとむさし)
Dates: ca. 1584-1645
Biography: Musashi was a famous swordsman of the Edo period. He is said to have won sixty duels, the first at age 13. According to legend, he arrived late at his last battle, with another famous swordsman named Sasaki Kojiro. Kojiro was so angry that he threw away his sword’s sheath. Musashi then said, “You have lost, Kojiro. Those who need no sheath are those who will die!” Musashi was also an author and a painter.
Further reading: The Book of Five Rings, Musashi, The Lone Samurai.

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  1. Dunechaser Post author

    Hi Vito,

    I’m glad you enjoyed my minifig of Miyamoto Musashi. The bad news is that I don’t sell the minifigs I make — finding replacement parts is just too time-consuming, and the parts I use are from 30 years of collecting LEGO, so replacing some parts would also be very expensive.

    The good news is that I generally only use unaltered “official” LEGO elements (Musashi here is 100% pure LEGO), so if you have the parts yourself or can find them on sites like eBay, you can build him yourself! :-D

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