More pictures of 9247 Community Workers

Over at I Love Cute LEGO! mumu has posted that he purchased the 2006 version of 9247 Community Workers (my previous post, which for some reason isn’t showing up on the main page or archives — weird).

Here’s the Brickshelf folder (when public), and click on over to mumu’s original post for deep-links in the meantime.

In addition to the two brown dogs, there are a couple note-worthy elements. Mumu’s close-up shots show a nice pin-stripe suit design and a tan, pocketed shirt design (different from the Star Wars version) I hadn’t seen before. I’m going to disagree with mumu about the all-smiley cast, though. I’m a fan of “face diversity,” and I’m also a bit disappointed that this set doesn’t have the rarish wavy black hair that was in the 2005 version. Overall though, a nice set of town minifigs.