LEGO Podcasts

Editing drafts of user guides is fairly dreary work. (Writing them is better, but not by much.) I usually listen to music, but every so often I have enough podcasts saved up that I dedicate one day to the musings of people I’ve never met. It’s like a call-in radio show, but without celebrity hosts! Just kidding, just kidding! If you’re actually interested in the subject matter, podcasts can be pretty entertaining.

I finally listened to BimPCast 19 (from a month ago), and listened to my first BrickNebula podcast. Steven Combs of BimPCast says that lots of things are going on in the LEGO Ambassador program, but if he told us he’d have to hunt each of us down and kill us. (He doesn’t actually say that.) The BrickNebula guys talk about Exo-Force, and how they don’t like all the new Star Wars redesigns, which actually came as a surprise to me. I like the music on the BrickNebula podcast — as crazy as it sounds, the western-sounding music really works (I’m clearly influenced by Firefly).

Speaking of podcast music, Sub Pop Records says on their FAQ that you’re free to use the music they’ve posted on their Multimedia page. From The Postal Service and Sleater-Kinney to up-and-coming bands you’ve probably never heard of (yet!), there’s some great stuff on that page.

And music makes a nice segue back into LEGO podcasts, because both BimPCast and the BrickNebula podcast are available via the iTunes Music Store. In iTunes, open the Music Store, click Podcasts, and search for “LEGO.” If you sort your results by relevance, the BrickNebula podcast and BimPCast should be your top two results. Subscribe and enjoy!