The Flooding of the LEGO Room

Before we moved into our house back in November, I posted about how I was excited that our new house has a full daylight basement, with a rec room my wife jokingly labeled “the LEGO room.”

With all the painting, rewiring, and appliance installation we’ve been doing, unpacking stuff we don’t really need has taken a bit of a back seat. Taking a break from being a “weekend warrior” today, I tried making some Aztec god minifigs (following up on my Greek and Norse deities; stay tuned). I went downstairs to get the green snake from 4766 Graveyard Duel, and I saw that a bunch of boxes stacked against the far wall were wet near the floor. We’ve spent a good chunk of Sunday unpacking boxes we hadn’t looked in in years. I hadn’t seen my wife’s wedding dress in nine and a half years (fortunately it was wrapped in plastic inside the wet box). A box of photos with all the prints and negatives from her childhood through high school was one of the more damaged boxes.

Stupid 26 consecutive days of rain! Doesn’t matter that it didn’t rain today and the streak is broken, since there aren’t any more breaks in the rain for the foreseeable future.

Well, the good news is that most of the boxes on the bottom were the sturdiest boxes that had containers of LEGO inside. And LEGO, as most people know, is water-proof. We (mostly) dodged a bullet, but now we have to deal with lovely problems like mold. Fun!