The Hundred-Question LEGO Poll

Yes, that’s right, one hundred — count ’em, they’re numbered! — questions. This poll or questionnaire has been making the rounds of Japanese LEGO blogs and home pages recently, and there’s really only one question that’s uniquely applicable to Japanese LEGO fans (#35), so I thought I’d take a crack at an English version.

1) Why did you get hooked on LEGO?

2) What was the first set you bought?

3) When did you first start playing with LEGO?

4) What’s your favorite minifig face?

5) What’s your favorite set?

6) What’s your ultimate goal?

7) What theme do you primarily build in?

8) What about new lines that might be released in the future?

9) What are the moments that make you happy you’re a LEGO fan?

10) What do you think of Bionicle?

11) Was LEGO in the past better than LEGO today?

12) What challenges or problems have you encountered while playing with LEGO?

13) Do you have anything you want to tell The LEGO Company right now?

14) How much do you spend on LEGO in a year?

15) What are your interests other than LEGO?

16) What do you think of flesh-colored LEGO heads?

17) Have you ever used LEGO in an unusual way?

18) What set would you like to see re-released?

19) What if you could work for The LEGO Company?

20) Have you ever attended a LEGO event?

21) What parts are you using a lot lately?

22) What parts do you find difficult to use?

23) How would you increase the number of LEGO fans?

24) What kind of new bricks would you like to see released?

25) Do you have any LEGO games?

26) Have you ever been hospitalized due to LEGO?

27) Have you ever felt any animosity toward The LEGO Company?

28) Who do you respect in the LEGO community?

29) What genre of building are you not good at?

30) Which of your creations did you spend the most time building?

31) How much have you spent on LEGO so far?

32) Have ever made a custom minifig?

33) What do you think of customization?

34) How big is the largest creation you’ve ever built?

35) What thoughts do you have about the LEGO King Champion TV show? [It was a LEGO-themed episode of a Japanese game show. Read about it here.]

36) Have you ever gone out looking for old LEGO sets?

37) What do you think of LEGO clubs or user groups (LUGs)?

38) What part do you have the most of?

39) Do you have any Mindstorms?

40) What parts or features of LEGO do you find useless?

41) What do you think of the colors of LEGO?

42) What do you think of people who say that LEGO bricks are just children’s toys?

43) What parts do you want right now?

44) Have you ever bought anything from the LEGO Sports line?

45) Do you find the LEGO Sports line interesting?

46) What are your thoughts on the rumor about the end of the Star Wars license?

47) What do you use to organize your parts?

48) What’s more important to you than LEGO?

49) What LEGO do you plan to buy in 2006?

50) You’re halfway through. How do you feel?

51) What would you do if you could live in a world made of LEGO?

52) Have you had a particularly heroic episode in relation to your LEGO?

53) Do you have a Brickshelf account?

54) What LEGO Web sites do you like to visit?

55) What title do you have [like “Minifig Customizer” or “LEGO Photographer”]?

56) Go ahead and brag about your LEGO.

57) What do you think of the LEGO Stores?

58) What are your feelings about LEGO sets that aren’t available in your country?

59) What about clone brands?

60) Is your future dream to become a LEGO Master Builder?

61) If you had a million dollars, how much of it would you spend on LEGO?

62) What was the best set released in 2005?

63) On a scale of 1 to 100, where would you place your LEGO building skills?

64) What LEGO do you want for Christmas?

65) How would you improve LEGO?

66) What do you think of Belville?

67) Have you ever participated in a LEGO contest?

68) What movie would you like to see turned into a LEGO license?

69) What’s your favorite LEGO set [yes, it’s a duplicate question]?

70) What makes LEGO so great?

71) What do you think of $600 LEGO [nobody seems to know what this question means]?

72) What do you think of sets that are no longer available?

73) Where do you always buy your LEGO?

74) Is the place where you live a good LEGO environment?

75) Do you currently have a stock of ideas?

76) If you were a minifig in a medieval LEGO war, what would be your rank?

77) What do you think is interesting about your LEGO creations?

78) How many minifigs do you own?

79) What’s the most expensive LEGO set you’ve ever bought?

80) What was the set you always wanted as a kid?

81) Have you ever made a LEGO movie?

82) Do you have any friends or acquaintences who are LEGO fans?

83) Do you have a particularly unique way you use a LEGO piece?

84) What’s your favorite Bionicle mask?

85) What’s your favorite game on

86) What are your thoughts on “bad” train set #4561?

87) How many sets from the Train theme do you have?

88) How many train motors do you own?

89) What do you think of LEGO games (like ones for Game Boy AdvanceĀ®)?

90) Have you ever been to LEGOLAND?

91) What would you do if you entered a “Dark Age?”

92) What do you think was the worst set LEGO ever released?

93) What type of creation do you most admire by professional-level LEGO builders?

94) What company do you think is The LEGO Company’s arch-nemesis?

95) Have you ever used LEGO design software (like LDraw, MLCad, or LEGO Digital Designer)?

96) Have you ever built anything that incorporated a motor?

97) Have you ever seen LEGO at a second-hand store?

98) Have you ever bought LEGO at a second-hand store?

99) Have you ever sold LEGO at a second-hand store?

100) Have you ever rebuilt a train?

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