A Japanese Word Game in LEGO

So there’s this Japanese word game called “shiritori” (しりとり). Basically, players say words in sequence, each player starting the next word with the last letter (or kana) of the previous word. (Read the WikiPedia article if you care about the detailed rules.)

“How the heck is this related to LEGO?” you ask. Back in April, Uda-san posted the first creation, along with the LEGO-specific rules of the game. Since, then, more than 50 creations have been posted as part of this ongoing game. mumu has meticulously updated the master list as each new creation is posted. Even if you can’t read Japanese, there are plenty of interesting creations to keep you occupied for quite a while!

There’s no equivalent word game in English that I can think of, but it would certainly be interesting to see some sort of ongoing sequence of creations among English-speaking LEGO fans. Then again, I suppose Joe Vig qualifies. Perhaps it’s time to introduce him to Japanese builders! :-)