1 comment on “BrickArms to release minifig weapons from upcoming Offensive Combat game

  1. Sarah

    I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t wild about the idea of custom Lego because I saw no need for a part Lego wouldn’t make. But after seeing reviews here and my contacts on Flickr having so much fun with them, I came around to the idea that good, quality customs can be really neat.
    So I think its fine, especially since its a company like Brickarms, to have officially licensed parts, because there is a demand for them. I haven’t played Halo but my young nephews have and they love playing with the Brickarms weapons I have that look like Halo weapons. I love my Brickarms swords but I’ve had ideas for MOCs based on some Brickarms guns I have. I understand and admire Lego for not wanting to make these weapons but I glad someone is because people still buy Lego to use the weapons with.

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