LEGO Magnet sets to be glued [News]

LEGO Pharoah's Quest Magnets Glue

With the release of the new Pharoah’s Quest sets, many people bought the magnets, as they are an easy way to get the more desirable minifigs. However, the magnet figs were glued to their bases.

When asked for an explanation, LEGO said that all magnet figs will be glued from now on. There was a contractual issue with the magnets in the licensed themes and they had to be glued. In order to make things more efficient in production, the decision was made to glue all magnet figs rather than run two seperate magnet lines (glued and unglued). This has caused a lot of consternation in the community.

What I would like to know is how you feel about it and why. Does this bother you or do you feel that it is a non-issue? Let us know in the comments and the information will be forwarded on to LEGO.

55 comments on “LEGO Magnet sets to be glued [News]

  1. Catsy

    Catsy, the Amset-Ra in the large set is actually printed on dark tan, with additional jewels and printing.

    Yeah, I realized that late last night, thanks for the correction.

    In the interest of keeping the facts straight, the Pharaoh’s Quest Battlepack is the exact SAME price as the magnet sets.

    I don’t see how this is relevant. They contain completely different figs.

  2. polywen

    It is relevant to drdavewatford’s comment that the Battle Packs were more expensive then the Magnet sets. While yes, the first one released doesn’t contain the same figures as the PQ first magnet set, hopefully they will release a set like that. I am trying to lobby for it.

  3. Brickwares

    This will KILL the magnet sales, full stop. Apart from AFOLs, I can guarantee you parents are only buying these to get their kids minfigs (I almost said “cheaply” but the magnet packs are certainly not cheap).

    Between this and their handling of the collectible minifigs, things are not pointing in a good direction for TLG lately.

  4. Ramone

    I buy lots of magnet figs and this is really unfortunate. What’s with all the apologists? Who cares if Hasbro’s in kerfuffle–they make more money on Star Wars than ANY other line. They are not hurting. The magnet sets never come with accessories and are more of a specialty product. You might as well say that Hasbro is pissed about Sideshow Collectibles or Gentle Giant statues–it’s a poor argument (and I suspect an inaccurate one). This is all about Lego looking to bring costs down without bringing the price down.

    I’m done with the magnets. I’ll get my figs off the other brick sites, secondhand.

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