4 comments on “Getting down and dirty with Battle Mole.

  1. Living Tarim

    Sooooo…does anyone else see this and think “Battle Beast”?

    Gosh, I miss those little guys.

  2. Modok

    Living Tarim, I’m sure that was the intent (the name is Battle Mole, after all). I agree, Battle Beasts were very cool.

    I love this MOC. The mole’s face is especially great. I hope Drew makes more of ’em, so we can get a whole Lego Battle Beasts collection.

  3. Modok

    Whoops…guess I should’ve clicked through to the Flickr gallery, where he specifically says it’s not intended to be a Battle Beast. Either way, it still rocks.

  4. dover

    hey Modok,

    it wasn’t built as a battle beast, but it’s obvious where the inspiration came from.

    there are actually a handful of battle beasts happening already.

    http:[email protected]/

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