Bricks Adventure 2010 happening right now in Hong Kong [News]

With sincerest apologies for the belated post to our thousands of our readers in Hong Kong, Bricks Adventure 2010 has been happening on the University of Hong Kong campus, January 27 through February 12.

LEGO Bricks Adventure 2010 poster

ArzLan, Antony Tam, John Ho, and many other talented builders are there, along with America’s own Dan Siskind.

LEGO town

Photo by Erikmok

Check out all the photos in the Bricks Adventure 2010 photo pool on Flickr.

3 comments on “Bricks Adventure 2010 happening right now in Hong Kong [News]

  1. ArzLan

    Exhibition period: 27 jan 2010 to 12 feb 2010
    This exhibition spontaneous composition by AFOL who living in Hong Kong.
    such likeļ¼š
    http:[email protected]/
    and friends.
    City University of Hong Kong to providing a venue.
    Thank HKLUG borrowed a number of roadplates and trees.

  2. Alywin

    This event is organized and run by a batch of AFOLs in Hong Kong. It is now being held at City University of Hong Kong, from 27 January to 12 February.

  3. Andrew Post author

    Thanks guys! Looks like I missed a number when I was reading the announcement. I’ll fix it so it says February 12 instead of February 2.

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