Dear LEGO: We want 6299 LEGO Pirates Advent Calendar!

It’s that time of the year again, LEGO fans. In what I hope does not become an annual tradition, we’ve received confirmation from LEGO that this year’s non-City advent calendar, 6299 LEGO Pirates Advent Calendar, will not be made available in the United States.

6299 LEGO Pirates Advent Calendar

The success of our campaign to get 7979 Castle Advent Calendar last year was the result of both luck (a pallet of sets that got shipped to the US distribution center accidentally) and persistent community activism (here on TBB and on sites like Classic Castle).

Though we can’t guarantee luck again, we can certainly do our part to see what effect LEGO fan community activism can have this time around. Leave a comment here on this post expressing your support and we’ll pass your sentiments along to LEGO through our resident LEGO Ambassador.

And last but not least: Yarrr!!!

88 comments on “Dear LEGO: We want 6299 LEGO Pirates Advent Calendar!

  1. Brickapolis

    This year I was setting aside major $$$ to pick up several copies of the set wherever it became available first.

    It’s really sad and disheartening to see that it’s happened again. Why? Why? Why? Why, why, why?

    Please, reverse this decision. I’m not asking to see this in brand retail locations everywhere… but I would like to see a [email protected] type of call in deal.

    Could someone mistakenly get a pallet sent to the US again?

    I REALLY liked the idea of a pirate advent calender. The CITY ones are just too darn boring/same/unimaginative for me, at least.

    So, PLEASE sell this product in the US!!!

  2. ILikePi

    I can’t believe that LEGO would do the exact same thing that happened last year with the Castle Advent Calendar. There are thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of LEGO fans in the US and Canada that want to buy the Pirates Advent Calendar.

    I am going to buy one copy, but ONLY if you list it as a product in the US, not if all you people at LEGO just decide to do the same thing last year (calling a phone number to order), since my parents will probably not do that, and I’m sure that there are many others that want it to be widely available, too.

    So, sign me up for this petition!

  3. Xiphos Systems

    I’d like to throw my support in as well. Would definitely like to get me hooks on a share o’ that loot.

  4. whaleyland

    I have registered for the sole purpose of signing this petition. I was in Britain last year and was lucky to obtain a Castle Advent Calendar. I bought eight and sold seven of them to people in the US, mostly on eBay. This year, I’m on the other side of the pond with no calendar. I have no desire to get one of the trashy City calendars and have held off buying Pirates sets because I heard about this calendar waaaay back in February or March. Bring this set to North America, where the Pirates of the Caribbean raided the high seas and where all of these pirates sets are historically based.

  5. Artahn

    I’m signing the petition.

    I’m perfectly fine if you want to “test the market” with some sets or set lines, as long as you promise to release them around the world if they do well; but making sets that will never be released to all markets, coupled with the fact that now we’re getting the same boring city sets each and every year, well that’s probably a worse idea than Galidor. Now considering the fact that each and every designer who was behind that product are now practically hiding in spider holes just to save their butts, I think the marketing team should work on this like their jobs depended on it; because it just might.

  6. Begend

    The advent calendar is great and all, but why is there no movement to get 10199: Winter Toy Shop into North American hands? 10199 is incredible looking! Can we add a polite community request for this set as well? Anyone?

  7. Andrew Post author

    @Begend: That’s an excellent question. I’m personally more excited about 10199 than this Advent Calendar. It’s not showing up on the LEGO Shop online at all yet, so we don’t know for sure whether or not it’s going to be available in the US. We’ll check with LEGO. Thanks!

  8. David4

    If LEGO keeps this bullshit up I will start buying all my LEGO second hand, and building even less. The Castle Advent was something truely special, this set isn’t that special, but still better than the same old City crap.

  9. wunztwice

    I’d buy at least one of this advent calender and probably the 10199. LEGO, seriously, you can’t figure out that people all over the world would like the same sets?

  10. Arkov

    Don’t worry about 1099 yet, it’s not available in any country on LEGO [email protected] yet. I’d guess it will become available sometime closer to Christmas.

  11. Pooka

    Registered here just to sign this petition.

    I jumped through the hoops to get two of the Castle Advent calenders last year, and I’m a much bigger fan of Pirates than Castle. Please let us Canadians buy the Pirate Advent calender from [email protected] this year. With two people, it is much more fun to have two different calenders to open in December.

  12. jagdjh

    I’d take two if they were made available. As a number of people said, I can’t understand why they only sell certain sets in some regions. It would be more understandable if the Pirate themed sets were not available in the US not to mention that Christmas is celebrated worldwide.

  13. ligerzero

    I agree although I’m Jewish for me the advent calendars have always been full of cool little Lego trinkets. Hopefully Lego will realize that American fans would like more than just generic city figs to celebrate the holidays.

  14. notenoughbricks

    If this set is not released this year in the U.S. I will refrain from buying the CITY Advent Calendar. I have at least 1 copy of the CITY calendar for 06-08 and bought 1 last year because I was trying to keep the holiday tradition going. I think my $30 will be better off spent on buying the Orange Tow Truck and the White Camper or Red Roadster sets from the CITY theme this year. I can’t take another remote control car playing minifig again or another cop or firefighter!

  15. chrism

    The 2009 City Advent Calendar looks very ho-hum. I imported the 2008 Castle Advent Calendar from the UK, and that was a huge hassle. I don’t want to go through that again this year. I don’t understand the aversion to making the non-City advent calendars available to buyers in the US/Canada, even if it’s just through Come on, Lego! Don’t make it so hard for us to give you *more* money!

  16. ThePlasticDonkey

    Dear Lego Folks,
    Please share the Pirate Advent Calendar with the folks in the New World. Many people would have much fun, with relatively little despoiling and pillaging during the coming Winter Solstice.
    Thank you,

  17. Brickule

    I personally thought that LEGO wouldn’t make this mistake again, last year I purchased 2 Castle Calendars from the miss-shipped pallet. With so many people interested in this item it would be in LEGO’s best interest to ship to the US and Canada. If LEGO does decide to ship to the US I will probably get 2 of these, one for me and one for my lil sis.

    If LEGO doesn’t ship this set to the US and Canada, I would like to ask them to try and keep leaked pictures under control, me and my lil sis saw this set in February and got real excited, it has many parts that are not available in cheaper sets: Mermaid, Shark, ect…

  18. Creative Anarchy

    No, I don’t mean to be a buzzkill but I’m tired of it. Last year I busted ass chasing down a Christmas Advent calendar and didn’t manage to get one before they ran out. It was frustrating. I’m not going to run the gauntlet for this advent calendar. The last two weeks I’ve been grinding teeth and calling the online store trying to get a PAB order to go through online without success. I spend an unreasonable amount of money on this product line. I rarely buy a single copy of a set. Sets I like I often buy a half-dozen of to ensure I have enough of the figures or pieces I want. I will spend like a drunken pirate on anything that Lego wants to sell me but if they do not want additional money I refuse to further burden them with my dollars. If they’d like to sell me a Pirate Advent Callendar they can put one on the shelf at my local store like a reasonable retailer. I am not a trick dog, I do not jump through hoops.

  19. reefcomber

    I truly don’t think that Lego cares one way or another. It was by fluke it happened last year, not anything Lego did for its customers. Why would they start thinking about us this year. Imagine the money they would make if they would make everything available to all. I made numerous calls to Lego about the pirate advent calendar. Although customer service said they understood, it’s not up to them…

  20. KellyJMF

    I am stunned they do not take pre-orders and then ship what’s been requested. If it was me, I’d offer free shipping to the Lego store of your choice and let people pick them up (plus more goodies since you’re already there, of course).

    I was too late last year to get one of the few Castle sets offered directly so I ended up spending $50-60 to get one on eBay. Probably can’t afford that this year and the City ones aren’t enough fun to bother.

  21. ktranger

    Well I hope Lego sees the “interest” in this set here in the USA. I to got lucky last year, hopefully Lego will offer the set… otherwise may a shipment of these end up here in the USA too.

  22. silveravnt

    We would really like the pirates advent calendar. We continue to enjoy the advent calendar from last year. Truth be told, if it’s not available we will probably import it from eu.

  23. silveravnt

    I have an additional question and (Moderator, If this is not appropriate for this thread please delete).
    Why doesnt someone just Import 100 sets and ship them around the US? I’ve got an address in DE and FR. The only downside is that they would cost quite a bit more after shipping to EU and shipping to USA and then to people homes. I guess that would suck.

  24. jblegofan

    I too am from the US and would buy the Pirates Advent calendar. I even was in the UK last week and looked around for it, but unfortunately the local toy shop didn’t have any stock yet. Last year I was lucky enough to have a relative bring the castle back from their travel (along with the good wizard) and my boys loved being able to do them.

    The problem is (as previously noted) when you have multiple lego fans in a household, you need more than one set to keep the fighting each morning to a minimum. So I strongly support this petition and hope that TLG will see that we in America do have the Christmas Spirit and will buy this set. Arrrggg.

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