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  1. Shmails

    Agreed, this has all been planned. I just read an article about the new CEO of LEGO, who apparently has changed the focus of the company from creating wonderful toys for kids to a money making machine. This is obviously his opening gambit, and they are now waiting to see what move the public makes next.

    How could a company in this global economy think that 300% raises in price is going to help the company or the public. As I have said before, this is truly sad and insulting.

  2. zak

    I agree that the price reduction outlook is now grim. To me, this means two things:

    1) if you want any of the artificially-low priced items on PAB, buy them now. They are listed in the current LEGO catalog I linked to above and include 2×2 tiles. Those tiles are now 8c, but when LEGO goes to the next catalog, what will they rise to? The 1×1 and 1×2 tiles are now 17c and 19c respectively. 25c? 30c? Get ’em now at 8c if you want them.

    2) how long until mall-store PAB adjusts? A big cup will be what…$35? I suggest making that mall store visit soon.

    I don’t like this any more than you do, I’m just trying to be practical.

  3. Darkkazmo

    I just sent the company a complaint e-mail asking them to take a second look regarding that unfair decision, not like it’s going to do anything, but at least it will compile with the other unsatisfied and angry emails about the dramatic price change!

    I wonder if this price stunt will affect the PAB business negatively in the long run, especially considering the economic crises we’re going through!

  4. chrism

    GOOD NEWS!!!!

    A friend of mine sent in a second complaint (a reply the the form letter he received) and just received this message:

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are disappointed in our service and we totally agree with the exorbitant price increase of the bricks online.
    Since we had indeed a lot of complaints from customers like yourselves, LEGO® company has decided to decrease the price of the bricks. From this week on, the new lower prices will come available. There still will be a slightly increase compared to the original price, but this will be only 25%.

    Also, I would like to inform on the fact that we have added a lot of new bricks within our LD Designer programm. We had to erase 110 elements from the palette, but have added a staggering 594 new ones to make our assortment more interesting!

    Thanks again for getting in touch.

    This is excellent news. Hopefully, the new prices will come online soon!

  5. chrism

    True to form, the price for one of my designer townhouse models has dropped from $346 CDN to $220 CDN.


  6. gavinhunter06

    Congratulations to all who honored their craft! Remarkable what the AFOL’s can do! Now, I must quickly advance to LDD and hoard as many doors and walls before the Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene runs dry…

  7. Darkkazmo

    Wow, I’m very impressed that they’ve listened to my and your complaints in a timely manner, and I’ve already checked the assortment and the prizes are much more reasonable now!

    And here is what they’ve e-mailed me today:

    “Thank you for your email and interest in LEGO® Pick A Brick and LEGO Digital Designer.

    We have recently made several changes to our Pick A Brick selection which include:
    500 new elements
    The biggest and most comprehensive assortment ever
    More colors
    Most recent doors and windows
    More longer beams to enable larger construction
    More accessories, such as head dresses
    More mini-figures including girls and children
    More cool tires and rims

    As we have added these new choices, we have also taken our first-ever price increase in select Pick A Brick elements. During the process of putting these prices in our systems, we found that several items had been mis-priced. Please accept our apology for this confusion. We are working to correct this unfortunate mistake.

    Thank you for your ongoing interest in the LEGO Company and our products.”

    Thank you LEGO for listening to your avid customers…

  8. chrism

    Interestingly, I just received a more terse statement:

    Dear LEGO® fan,
    Based on all the feedback over the past week regarding our new Pick A Brick elements and pricing we will reduce the pricing on LEGO Pick A Brick elements.

    There were good reasons behind our decision to raise prices of this relatively operationally complex Pick A Brick service. However, over the last week we have realized, thanks to you, that it was unacceptable to raise the prices so steeply without notice. We have acted quickly and have taken the decision to reduce the pricing on LEGO Pick A Brick elements. The prices cannot return to the original 2008 level but please be assured that all elements are still very reasonably priced. We are pleased to now offer you the biggest, most comprehensive assortment ever including:

    More colors
    Most recent doors and windows are now available
    More longer beams to enable larger constructions
    More accessories (such as hair and hats)
    More mini-figs (now with girl and child-short legs)
    More cool tires and rims
    We hope to welcome you back to Pick A Brick soon.

    Your LEGO Team

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