BrickArms under attack in recent Sun edition [Editorial]

We weren’t going to dignify this attack on BrickArms by posting it here, but we have been getting a flood of emails concerning it. So, here it is.

In the December 4th edition of the UK-based SUN, this article appeared.

Article Scan by Andrew Summersgill

The full text is as follows:

A RANGE of Lego-style fighting figures — including an al-Qaeda terrorist — has been slammed by religious leaders.

The masked follower of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden comes with a rocket launcher, assault rifle and grenades.

Mohammed Shaffiq, of Muslim organisation The Ramadhan Foundation, branded the toy “absolutely disgusting”.

He said: “It is glorifying terrorism — the makers should be ashamed.

“We should be coming together to unite against terrorism, but how is that possible when children are playing with toys like this?”

The £9.50 two-inch figures are customised from Lego toys by makers BrickArms, who hope for a Christmas hit.

They also include a Nazi major, bearing the chilling SS insignia, and a stormtrooper brandishing two grenade launchers.

Edie Friedman, director of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality, said: “These distasteful toys are something we could all well do without, especially when there is so much tension around.”

LEGO UK today issued a statement saying it is not associated with the toys being sold by BrickArms which have been customised without its knowledge or permission.

It continued: “BrickArms is not licensed by LEGO UK to customise LEGO figures and has no links to the LEGO brand.

“LEGO UK is committed to developing toys which enrich childhood by encouraging imaginative and creative play – and does not endorse products that do not fit with this philosophy.”

Fox News, among other news sites, picked up the story. The only significant difference was that Fox contacted Will Chapman, owner of BrickArms. He was quoted as saying:

“We do not sell an ‘Osama bin Laden’ miniature figure. We sell a generic bad guy minifigure with a Ninja scarf head wrap, the same minifigure that we have been selling for over a year now, with no associated ‘outrage.'”

“It does not represent anything; it is simply a bandit — a bad guy for the good guys to battle. Attempt to assign it a ‘personality’ only serves to create controversy that does not exist.”

The article has sparked much indignation throughout the Lego Fan community. The overwhelming majority supports Will and BrickArms.

I personally believe that this spurious attack, by a disreputable tabloid, was merely to stir up trouble. Their pathetic attack on one of our own is aggravating, to say the least.

The Brothers Brick has an extremely positive and long-standing relationship with Will. He and his family are wonderful people. We firmly stand with him, his family, and his associates. Go BrickArms!

105 comments on “BrickArms under attack in recent Sun edition [Editorial]

  1. Dean H.

    While I find it very hard to believe that stereotypical Islamic militants weren’t a major inspiration for the Bandit minifigs, I’d like to say that I never saw them as fitting a specific group. So here’s one person
    that saw them as what Will’s saying they are: generic badguys.

    And as Marc Forrester said, it’s impossible in this day and age to make a realistic modern badguy that doesn’t take major cues from islamic terrorist stereotypes.

  2. Dean H.

    Additionally, even if it was intended to be an Islamic terrorist, we have to realize that there’s a difference between depiction and glorification. Whether it’s a terrorist or not, it’s clearly a “bad guy.”

  3. Thanel Dunechaser

    Where are the Devil’s advocates when you need them? Will nobody speak up for the tabloid presses of the world?!? I personally don’t feel compelled, but I see a niche that needs filling.

    Looked like wermacht w/ panzerfaust, but that’s okay.

  4. Conservative

    There these liberals go and no one argue because you all know that they want to be P.C. first they try and take away our real guns now we can’t even have lego guns. Geez I’ve ordered from BrickArms three times and Will has been great emailing us, he even shares my name. I’m suprised president elect-no name-hasn’t gotten into this just to stir something up. A conservative British news tabloid would be crazy. Now for all you people saying liberal=free no no no you’ve got it all wrong liberal=socialism and dang free healthcare and spreading the wealth and oh nevermind, these are legos. We should all support Will and his family. As for FOX if anyone claims they aren’t conservative well they must not see Bill Oreily and Shaun Hannity. As for whatever the crazy P.C. liberal that said Obama er I mean Osoma didn’t orchestrate the 9/11 attacks is crazy. I mean nobody attacks Bill Ayers in the news and they don’t question why a lot of Muslims hate us! Now people of the Islamic faith don’t take this offensive because I have a Muslim friend. SUPPORT WILL, GO BRICKARMS AND GOD BLESS THESE NEW SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA BECAUSE WE’LL NEED GOD AFTER JANUARY!

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