4 comments on “A steamer on legs

  1. zachmoe

    Thank you very much Ethan, I’ll update my posts now.

    I took the pics at about 2am…I will update with better pics over the next weekend.

  2. DD2

    Ah finally more steampunk! I’m new to this site and dug through many of the old entries. For some reason I always enjoyed steampunk the most. And it seems sthat since the rise of ApocaLEGo there is less and less steampunk.

  3. Craig N.

    Oh my God! That Keith Thompson dude was the guy who did 50 Robots You Can Draw and Paint. He’s a genius! Anyway, that MOC is awesome. There are just so many details I cannot point them out. I love the minifigs. Zach never disappoints.

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