Monthly Archives: September 2005

Monster Rides

I haven’t taken pictures of anything this last week or so, but I ran across these wonderful cars a while ago on Brickshelf:

The perfect rides for my new favorite minifigs.

Check out the rest of mrzumbi’s gallery. Not a lot in terms of quantity, but he’s made some amazing stuff — I’m honestly shocked that the hit counts on his creations are so low. Doesn’t make sense, given how good they are…

Minifigs from 1900

Patrick Bosman has created several fantastic minifigs reminiscent of the turn of the last century. Patrick demonstrates that the accessories are often as important as the minifigs themselves:

Edit (9/9/05): Here are a couple more I think he’s added recently:

The lace on the maid’s skirt is truly a unique use of the flower!

Oh, and sorry about the Japanese last week. I was in a weird mood. Heh heh.