Lantern-lit roots over rock

Bonsais have been a hit this year thanks to the introduction of the Botanical Collection 10281 Bonsai Tree. Builder Ashton Douglas took some time to design his own version as a gift. Two bonsai sets and some extra elements came together to create a delightful custom model for Ashton’s friend to display. Though the base and pot are elements from the Bonsai set, rock work, trunk, and interesting foliage make this a beautifully unique build. There’s a wistfulness to the build with the way the pink frog seems to be staring at the lamp hanging from the branches.

Karen's Bonsai

Loose studs stand in for soil, piled in the base and in the half of the cement mixer perched atop the rocks. The roots of the tiny tree twist and curve up and around the rocks using hoses, whips, and vine elements for the finer filaments. The spare large elbow bricks from two sets allowed Ashton to make the thicker, older roots work into the rocks. Ground cover in the form of small green vines and leaves dot the base of the build, all adorned with cute, little flowers.

Karen's Bonsai

I can’t get over the height and twist in this build. It keeps drawing my eye up and up before dropping it back down to the lamps and dat kewt wittle froggie. If I were Ashton’s friend, I’d be tickled pink to be getting this as a gift.

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