Get a bird’s-eye view of the LEGO House with Microsoft Flight Simulator’s latest update [News]

The Microsoft Flight Simulator new free update featuring the Nordic region has added details from the home of LEGO in Denmark. The update according to Microsoft includes detailed landscapes, regional architectures and 78 carefully selected points of interest. A treat for LEGO fans, we’re glad that the LEGO House made it into this update.

Not to worry if you don’t have a copy of the game, the clip showcasing the update by Microsoft gives us a look at the Home of the Brick in Billund, Denmark. It appears at the 15-second mark in the video.

For more gameplay visuals and a closer look, you can check out HH Aviation‘s fly-through at the 13m 47s mark for a closer view of the building.

Are you a resident of Billund or can remember the place you visited with vivid details? Leave us a comment on your take if the surroundings of the location at LEGO House is a good representation of the actual location.