Sumo is the greatest sport on earth

I’ve explained elsewhere why sumo (traditional Japanese wrestling) is the greatest sport on earth — it’s fast, complex, and incredibly exciting. I won an apple in my first sumo bout at age three, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Cindy Su apparently agrees with me, because she built this wonderful rikishi (or wrestler — sumo is the name of the sport, not the name of the wrestlers). She layers various round tiles to bulk up the underlying BrickHeadz form, and gives this mountain of a man a stand complete with a Japanese flag to pose on. He has huge arms to shove opponents out of the ring, with an expressive face that seems to say he’s relieved to have just finished a winning bout.

相撲力士(sumo rikishi /りきし)

Interestingly, many of the top wrestlers these days are foreign-born, from countries like Mongolia and Georgia. As someone who spent 15 years getting called gaijin (foreigner, with connotations of “outsider”) in my own home country, I’ve taken a perverse pleasure in rooting for the foreigners in recent sumo tournaments. Of course, sumo wrestlers aren’t born quite so big. They bulk up by eating a special stew called chankonabe, which Cindy has also faithfully created for this rikishi to enjoy.

相撲力士(sumo rikishi /りきし)

3 comments on “Sumo is the greatest sport on earth

  1. Gerry Lennox

    I too think Sumo is the greatest sport. I met my wife because of going to a Sumo tournament, so I’m a bit biased.

  2. Sumochemist

    I love this Brickhead as I love sumo, but I worry that the top-knot is not quite right. Hair seems to be the trickiest part of any Brickhead to get correct and this lacks the lotus leaf shape that face forward that any rikishi must have. Other than that, it was awesome. Nice work!

  3. Andrew Post author

    @Gerry: That’s wonderful! I’m actually rather jealous — despite 15 years in Japan, I never made it to a live bout (I was the child of poor missionaries).

    @Sumochemist: I don’t disagree — something like a black fan piece from the Flamenco dancer CMF would have been a great touch for the chonmage.

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