Wilson’s ATVs evoke deep feelings of nostalgia

“Simplicity” is a word you’ve heard me say a lot here on The Brothers Brick, at least in part because simple creations evoke those nostalgic feelings of sitting on the floor as a 10-year-old and throwing together a bunch of pieces into something so cool you keep it together for years. (I still have a really big gun I built more than 20 years ago lying around in one of my minifig boxes, just because it makes me smile.)

That’s why I love the ATVs that reader Wilson built, in varying configurations:

Click the pic for the full gallery on Wilson’s site, ThinkingBricks.com.

2 comments on “Wilson’s ATVs evoke deep feelings of nostalgia

  1. Marke Merciless

    Those are nice, and they make me feel Nostalgic, too. :)
    Except that ‘Throwing pieces together’ age was more like four years ago instead of twenty for me…

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