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Last chance to buy from Creations for Charity!

As you’re doing your holiday shopping, please think about buying something from Creations for Charity to help the kids. There is only 1 week left in this year’s fundraiser and all the items from the store are reduced to minimum price. Over $6,000 have been raised so far. If for some reason you’ve been holding out on buying a creation, now’s the time to act!

1 week left!

Over 100 items for sale at Creations for Charity

There’s 3 weeks left of Creations for Charity, and there is an unprecedented number of custom Lego creations currently for sale thanks to the numerous donations that have been coming in from the fans. With $5,000 raised so far, there’s a good chance for achieving a new record this year. Take a look at Creations for Charity’s store (where you can commission a life-sized bust) or Indiegogo campaign.

Over 100 items currently for sale!

Don’t forget there’s still time to donate a creation!

Updates from Creations for Charity

Creations for Charity has raised almost $4,000 so far and there’s still one month left in the fundraiser. Take a look at some of the latest creations added to the store, which are also bloggable in their own right.

Hans Dendauw‘s Jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland strikes a fearsome pose, but deep inside it just wants a loving new home.

This stagecoach and chariot by our fellow blogger Matija are detailed and visually appealing for their small size. You can see them featured in these two little scenes.

Due to popular demand, Paul Janowski and Republic Customs has contributed another set of chrome Iron Man and Silver Surfer in addition to new Steel and Colossus minifigs.

Chrome Super Heros

Lastly, Sean and Steph Mayo once again astounds me with their creative parts use in another brilliant microscale scene.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, head over to Creations for Charity’s campaign on Indiegogo to get a commissioned creation or pick up a limited edition gift. If you’re not familiar with Indiegogo, it’s a crowd funding platform similar to Kickstarter but encompasses charities. Your help is much needed and appreciated!

Creations for Charity commission

Creations for Charity 2012 sale begins!

Creation for Charity
‘s annual sale of custom Lego creations starts today! Take a look at the MOCs donated by fans and make a purchase to support giving Lego to underprivileged children during the holidays. Check back for new creations added until November 30th or donate a creation before November 15th.

CfC MOC collage 1

Don’t see what you’re looking for at the store? Head over to Creations for Charity’s Indiegogo campaign to get a commissioned creation or pick up one of these cool gifts!

Creations for Charity WristbandCreations for Charity OrnamentCreations for Charity thank-you gift

Join the crowd and take part in the Lego community’s annual tradition of giving back!

Creations for Charity now accepting donations for the 2012 fundraiser!

The 4th annual Creations for Charity fundraising event is now accepting donations of Lego creations. Creations for Charity raises money by selling these donated creations to buy Lego sets for underprivileged children. Anyone can donate a Lego creation from now until November 15. All you have to do is fill out a form and be prepared to ship the creation directly to the buyer. Starting this year, you can choose to be reimbursed for the cost of making your creation, so it’s easier to part with your bricks!

If this is your first time participating, you can learn more about Creations for Charity or read the FAQs on their website.

This year Creations for Charity will be donating the Lego sets to multiple cities in the US as well as in Croatia and Chile as part of our ongoing effort to expand our donations. To refresh your memory, take a look at all the Lego sets donated last year!

Merry Christmas from Creations for Charity

Creations for Charity donates over 400 Lego sets

The third annual Creations for Charity ended with 418 Lego sets donated to needy children, totaling in value of almost $9,200. The toys were given to Toys for Tots in Chicago, Grand Rapids, Los Angeles, and to Childrens Hospitals and Make-a-Wish in Dallas. The fundraiser sold 66 custom Lego creations and raised $5,700. For more pictures and details, visit CreationsForCharity.org.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Creations for Charity

10 days left in Creations for Charity

The Creations for Charity fundraiser benefiting Toys for Tots is ending soon, and prices on most items have been reduced to the lowest allowed by the donors. Many builders and customizers have contributed to the 100+ creations waiting to be sold, and they’re counting on the buyers to find a new home for their works. You can get more updates about Creations for Charity at their website or visit their store on Bricklink.

10 days left

Creations for Charity deadline approaching, new MOCs listed

Each year, Nannan and several other organizers run a fundraising event for Toys for Tots called Creations for Charity.

The team has just listed several new creations in their online store.

More creations for sale

Fine print: Creations for Charity is a fundraising event for the Toys for Tots charity organization. As such, donations to Creations for Charity itself are not tax-deductible. Creations for Charity is not affiliated with The Brothers Brick.

If you’d like to donate a creation yourself, the deadline for doing so is November 15.

Don’t miss Nannan’s writeup about last year’s fundraiser, which resulted in over $14,000 worth of LEGO for underprivileged children.

Creations for Charity store now open!

The Creations for Charity store is now open where you can buy a custom Lego creation to fund the donation of Lego sets to Toys for Tots during the holidays. There are an unprecedented 35 MOCs to kick off this year’s store opening, and just about all are one-of-a-kind works sold on a first come, first serve basis.

More MOCs will be added to the store as new donations come in, and you can donate a Lego creation by November 15. I recommend checking the Creations for Charity website for updates on the fundraising progress and previews of new MOCs for sale, and above all, I hope you’ll take part in this year’s effort to brighten the holidays of many children.

Creations for Charity store now open!

Announcing Creations for Charity 2011 [News]

The third annual Creations for Charity fundraiser has just begun. This is an opportunity for builders to donate custom Lego creations and raise money to buy Lego for underprivileged children during the holidays. In addition, it’s a chance for buyers to own an original Lego creation. MOC donations are currently being accepted until November 15, and the store will open from October 15 to November 30.

You can visit Creation for Charity’s new website for details and other exciting changes this year. Once again, I look forward to the generosity and enthusiasm of the Lego community to share our hobby with many children this holiday season.

Here’s a look at last year’s results and the amount of Lego that was donated.

Bricks Helping Japan – LEGO Charity Auctions Update

Several of our auctions of donated LEGO creations are ending in just a few hours! Remember, all proceeds go to the Red Cross, so please bid liberally, and feel free to spread the word! As a reminder, here’s the full explanation of this charity LEGO auction effort. Here are the creations that are ending today:

Power Miners podracer: pod front

DoubleDee Titan Red Remix

Creations for Charity - Micro Steampunk Custom Set

I can’t link to a photo of the last one, which is a delicious looking set of LEGO Cupcakes!

Also, don’t forget to check out all the other on-going auctions to help the Red Cross in their efforts to help the victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and the Pacific Rim. I listed several new auctions today and yesterday, including some fantastic LEGO creations and several pieces of original LEGO comic art by Greg Hyland! All of the pieces by Greg have been published, whether on FBTB.net, in LEGO BrickMaster Magazine, or Star Wars Insider Magazine.

Reflections on Creations for Charity 2010

Creations for Charity took place in the past two months where LEGO fans sold their creations to raise money to donate LEGO to children in need. Here are a few words on the organization and the results of this year’s fundraiser.

The beginning

Creations for Charity began with the idea of giving LEGO to underprivileged children for the holidays. It started with a proposal by Don Wilson to keep a record of LEGO donations made by a group of fans. This inspired me to create a fundraiser where fans use their talent with LEGO to raise money. Although it seemed ridiculous to ask people to give up their personal creations, we got an overwhelming response and raised over $2,000 in 2009. We used the money to purchase and donate almost $3,000 worth of LEGO.

One year later

Drawing on previous experiences, I aimed to raise $3,000 this year. To my amazement, we reached this goal in record time with still a month left before the deadline. We progressed at an average of $1,500 a week from late October to early December, ending on $9,035. We not only surpassed last year’s record, we more than quadrupled it. After buying more than $14,500 worth of LEGO, we still had money left for a $723 check to top off our donation to Toys for Tots.

Good will is contagious

We had the good fortune of having over 60 contributors donate over 150 creations ranging from large-scale creations to custom minifigures. Our highest contributor racked up over $900 through sales of his custom minifigs, and several others donated creations that brought in over $500. People helped in other ways such as by spreading the word about our event. We benefited from mentions by some prominent non-LEGO sites such as Slashgear, Gizmodo, and even Toys for Tots. Others like Sean Kenney invested his time in assembling 60 keychain gifts; Ansgar from Chromebricks donated the gold-plated bricks that adorned them; and Linus Bohman designed an effective splash page for the fundraiser. The Brothers Brick chipped in a lot of money cover the cost of the raffle prizes and the expensive keychains. We even had three builders who donated their contest prizes to the cause. We’re really grateful to have the help of many in making this event successful. You can see all our participants and records here.

Why we do it

Creations for Charity costs both time and money for its participants, so why are we doing it? Consider this: the builders feel good about raising money through their talents, the buyers can own an original creation while helping charity, and the kids receive tons of LEGO. While I can’t speak for everyone, for many of us it’s all too good to pass up.

The big donation

On the day of our donation drop-off, I drove a truckload of LEGO across the metroplex to the Dallas / Fort Worth Toys for Tots distribution warehouse. The marines and volunteers were at work processing toys like Santa’s elves. They wasted no time hauling in the 567 LEGO sets. I stood and watched as half a dozen marines lifted boxes and bags out of the truck. Before I knew it I was already on the highway going home, and that’s when it dawned on me that thousands of dollars worth of LEGO and the fruits of many people’s work had passed out of my hands in just minutes. (Indeed it’s hard for a LEGO fan to give up so much of what he loves). But at the same time, I thought about the countless hours of joy that we will have given the children, and that made everything worth it.

The future

We envision Creations for Charity to continue and grow as an annual event. Starting next year there will be a team of coordinators running the fundraiser. With more help, we plan to expand the distribution of our LEGO donations to cover more cities in the US and possibly other parts of the world. Our contributors reside in a dozen countries, and we want our future donations to reflect that diversity. Next year we look forward to welcoming more participants and to make Creations for Charity a tradition for many LEGO fans.

Last words

Thank you for making Creations for Charity an inspiring success. It reflects the generosity of LEGO fans and spreads our hobby among both children and adults. By now many people will have our creations on display in their homes, and many more children will have a cool LEGO set this Christmas. Happy holidays and we hope you’ll join us for Creations for Charity in 2011!