The Brothers Brick

The Valzaleer spacecraft has a beautiful veneer

This incredible spaceship by AdNorrel features distinctive profile shapes and smartly integrated LEGO pieces. The lovely bits of filled-in details within the crevasses and armored surfaces of the starship are great examples of greebling done well. Not too out of place, not too overshadowed — there’s some real inspirational craftsmanship here.

I don’t want all of my articles to become running checklists of parts, but see if you can spot the messenger pouches, croissants, and frying pans. It’s a really fun scavenger hunt kind of model.

There is a lot of dimension to the ship’s surface, with many elements helping to break up the armor plating.

If I can be critical for one moment, the area that feels a little weaker than the rest of the ship is the dishes-in-dishes engine array, which for me just can’t compare to the rest of the model for delightful parts usage. It feels just a bit abrupt and sparse in comparison.