The Brothers Brick

Classic Space 2.0?

Don Wilson asks an interesting question… What would LEGO Space look like if it happened today? There are a bunch of new colors and parts available since the Classic Space heyday and Don puts some of them to effective use in his latest spaceship design.

The shift from Classic Space’s regular blue to dark blue immediately creates a more serious feel. The classic inspiration is clear, but there’s a definite evolution towards a more dangerous and slightly sinister look. As for the build itself, I particularly like the “greeble sandwich” design of the front prongs — a nice layer of complex detail held between the plates of the hull. The shaping on those swept-back wings is excellent, and the use of the hexagonal stud shooters as engine exhausts is magic…

As regular readers will spot, this craft has twin prongs at the front, a pair of wings, and a central cockpit and tail. That can only mean one thing — it’s a Vic Viper, and NoVVember must be just around the corner.