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In 90,000 LEGO bricks, MLTC recreates the Newport Workshops

Unofficially, LEGO trains occupy the L-gauge in the model train community. And it’s in this scale that the Melbourne LEGO Train Club presented their recreation of the Newport Railway Workshops. With pictures provided by Alexander (narrow_gauge), this stunning creation just made its debut at the AMRA 2023 Model Railway Show in Melbourne, AU this past weekend. The workshops act to maintain and refurbish trains, as it has for well over a century. And MLTC did quite the job shrinking the campus down to minifigure-scale

MLTC Newport Workshops Project

Explore more of the Newport Workshops below

The wonderful world of warehouses

Warehouses are one of those things that make modern life go around. They’re also one of those things that most people will never step inside but could not live without. If you’re among the warehouse curious, Norton74‘s recent build is just for you. From the shelving, to the pallets, to the equipment – this build incorporates all the quintessential elements of a warehouse.

Warehouse Life | loading/unloading

After studying this model for a while, one thing that immediately stands are the variety of different forklift models shown. Considering this whole build was a commission for a forklift truck company, that’s not entirely surprising. Exploring other photos from the builder reveals some additional forklift and hand truck models that didn’t make it into the the scene above.

Warehouse Life | forklift and pallet truck full range